What is your Salary? Are you happy with it? Question Asked on Quora

Hey, A person asked a Question on Quora asking what is your Salary? Are you happy with it?

So many people put their views and answered the question.

I also answered the question by giving my best and not complicating it.

Here’s the Answer which I have written.


What is your Salary? Quora Answer

I am 24 years old and I am working since 2015 as self employed.

I do Freelancing, Blogging and own few websites.

So technically I don’t have a salary but I would consider it as a salary.

Initial years no person makes money online, It would take atleast a year to start making money, hence I will consider it from 2016.

So in this Quora Post, I would Disclose my Salary aka Profits of 2 years i.e 2016–2018.

Sources of Revenue:

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing / Consulting
  3. Passive Income


I run total 4 Blogs which are in the domain of Digital niche. I monetize my Blog via 2 methods.

The first one is Google Adsense in which Google pays me on the basis of my Blog Traffic. I get paid if advertisements get eyeballs for that traffic.

The second way is my most favourite which is affiliate marketing, here I promote products and brands on my Blog and if any Visitor happens to purchase, I get a commission.

  1. Google Adsense Income ( 2016 2018 )
  2. Quarter One 2016 : $ 450 US Dollars
  3. Quarter Two 2016 : $ 350 US Dollars
  4. Quarter Three 2016 : $ 624 US dollars
  5. Quarter One 2017: $126 US dollars
  6. Quarter Two 2017: $ 1200 US dollars
  7. Quarter Three 2017: $ 3478 US dollars
  8. Total Google Adsense Income: $6228 US Dollars for 2 years which is in Indian conversion INR 4,32,000

Google Adsense Income: INR 4,32,000 / $ 6228

The second monetization method is my favourite which is affiliate marketing.

  1. Affiliate marketing income 20162018
  2. Quarter One 2016 : $ 450
  3. Quarter Two : $ 570
  4. Quarter Three: $ 7800
  5. Quater One 2017: $ 8900
  6. Quater two 2017: $ 12000
  7. Quater three 2017: $7600
  8. Total affiliate earnings: $37,320 / 25,88,888 INR


Total affiliate Income / Revenue: INR 25,88,888

Total earnings from Blogging and running Blogs

INR: 3,020,888 / $43,000+


Freelancing/ Consulting

I also work rarely on small projects on websites like upwork and also offline projects.

Total I did 5 projects in the span of 2 years.

  1. Project One: 2 Months
  2. Project two: 1 Month
  3. Project Three: 1 Month
  4. Project Four : 6 months
  5. Project Five: 3 Months

Total I made around $4000–5000 Dollars which is 350000 INR.

Freelancing Income: INR 350,000+ or $5000+

Passive Income

This income is something which I was working since 2014. I own ebooks of my own which sells on Amazon and few websites which gives me revenue.

This is very less but I never do any kind of work on this.

Total passive Income: $2300+ / $161,000+

Total Income/ Revenue for 2 years

  • $6228
  • $43,000
  • $5000
  • $2300

Total: $56,528 / INR 3,956,960

Now, This is revenue which means there are costs as well. So my main costs include Web hosting services, Domain Renewals, Outsourcing, Tools and Subscription and Marketing Costs.

My expenses are also in US currency as most of the services are based in the USA.

I will list is down for 2 years.

Expenses for 2 years:

  1. Web Hosting: $ 1300+
  2. Domain Renewal: $200+
  3. Outsourcing: $1400+
  4. Tools and subscriptions: $4200+
  5. Marketing Costs: $400+

Total costs: $7500/ INR 525,000

Net Profit= Total Revenue – Expenses

In USA Format: $56,528- $7500 = $49,028

In Indian format: INR 3,956,960 – 525,000 = 3,431,960

Also we have to pay taxes as well. Hence it will around 2,400,000–2,500,000

So that’s my salary for 2 years. Also I am really happy and truly satisfied about what I do and what I earn.

For indians this money is a lot. I don’t think there is much money in Jobs even if you graduated from IIT or IIM still the base salary for freshers is slightly up compared to regional colleges.

Millennials like us in India must change the mindset. We should focus on solopreneurship and entrepreneurship and contribute to the nation.

Hope you understood. Have any queries? Ping me or contact me at my website ( https://seodumb.com/contact)


Abdul Nafay – Blogger and Digital marketer

Abdul Nafey – Professional Blogger and Online Marketer )


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