Welcome to my Personal Blog

Welcome to my Personal Blog

Hi Everyone, I am Abdul Nafey, Blogger and Online Marketer from India.

This is my Personal Blog where I share Resources, Tutorials, Tips which can help you in Improving Skillsets.

I started Blogging Unofficially since 2012, I started many Blogs where I copied Content and Shared.

When it comes to Blogging Officially with Professionalism, I started fresh in 2016. I Bought 3 Domains from Godaddy.

  1. Seodumb ( SEO Blog )
  2. Technology Bhoot ( Tech Resources Blog )
  3. Abdul Nafey ( Personal Blog )

Abdulnafey.com is my Personal Professional Blog where I share Resources around Basic Technology, Blogging and Travel Stuff.

I have completed 2 years where I learnt many things in the Digital Space.

I learned basic Coding Skills, Business Development Skills and Making Money Online Skill and I want to Share and Compile in a Professional Manner, that’s what I call Blogging to be.

Today on the Internet Blogging has become more of Making Money and Helping Less.


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