How To Setup Analytics on Website

How To Setup Analytics on Website

Web Analytics is a important part of the Web Development process. It’s not just about building a website, Setting Analytics, Tracking and Retargeting is also a Post Web Development process. Web analytics helps you see Metrics, Audience Behaviour, Demographics and various other crucial Insights which helps Webmaster take right Decisions by Analyzing the Data.

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I won’t get into the details of Web Analytics as it’s a much larger Topic. It varies across industries and sectors ranging from Financial Services to Industry Automation, Hence I will just help you in setting Web Analytics.

To Set up Web Analytics you need the Following:

  • Running Website
  • Analytics Software
  • Good Hosting Provider

Let’s get started with the Tutorial on Setting Web Analytics.


How to Install Web Analytics on Website

There are many Web Analytics Softwares like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and many more. In this Tutorial I am using Google Analytics as it is easy to use and is Completely Free.


1. Visit Google Analytics

Web Analytics Software


  • Visit Google Analytics
  • Signup with a Personal Google Account or Business Gsuite
  • Fill all the Required Details such as Country, Name, Business Details and Website Details
  • After entering all the required details you will enter into Google Analytics Dashboard

2. Google Analytics Dashboard 

  • This is How Google Analytics looks like.
  • Copy the Tracking Code which is shown in the below picture


3. Copy and Paste the Javascript or Tracking Code into “Head” Section of Web Pages

  • After Copying the Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Paste it in the Head Section of Website.
  • In this Tutorial, I am using WordPress CMS which powers 31% of the Web.
  • In WordPress it’s very easy and simple to Add Javascript Codes which is very crucial.
  • To place Advertisements on Website, To Track, To add Functionality and loads of stuff, you need a Javascript Code and to place each and every single of them is a hard task.
  • In WordPress, Download ” Insert Header and Footer” Plugin to Insert the Google Analytics Tracking Code.
  • After inserting the code just save it and Verify the Settings in Google Analytics.

Web Analytics


That’s how you Add and Setup Web Analytics on a Website.

The Number Crunching game starts after setting Web Analytics.

You can See

  • Insights on your Website
  • Traffic Reports
  • Geo Reports ( Audience from Different Countries )
  • Time Spent on the Website by Users
  • Export Data into Excel Spreadsheet


and the list goes on, Maybe I will create a Separate Blog Post about Web Analytics.

Thanks for Reading the Blog Post, Hope you learned something new.

Do share your Opinions, Doubts and any help which I can do.


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Blog Post Written: 21/04/2019

Last Updated: 22/04/2019

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