How to Download Webpages in PDF Format

How to Download Webpages in PDF Format

There will be instances where you come across an amazing Resource or Article on the Web and you want to download it. As a Blogger, I come across many such great articles on the web.

You can save it offline as well but Downloading the Web page in the PDF Format is very useful. You can send the resource to your friends, Collegues or even family members through mail.

The process is very simple and free of cost, You need not be Tech savy to download the Webpage in PDF Format.


Method 1: How to Download Webpages in PDF Format

There are many methods to download Webpages in PDF Format. I will list down all the methods to download Articles from the web in PDF Format.

Do you know that with Google Chrome you can save any Webpage into PDF For free. The Functionality is available in Google Chrome and is pretty easy to perform.

How to Download Webpage into PDF With Google Chrome

Save Webpages into Pdf
  1. Visit any Web page on the Internet.
  2. After the Webpage loads completely, Click on the Options Button in Google Chrome as you can see in the picture below.
  3. Now Click on “Print” Option, You will enter the Print Options.
Save Articles in PDF Format | Web into PDF
  1. Click on the Destination Option, You can see various Options in the Picture above.
  2. Click on “Save as PDF” Option.
  1. Click on “Save” in Google Chrome Tab.
  2. That’s it, You are done in Converting Web page into PDF.

You can Check the Converted PDF File below.

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