How to Transfer Files Between Smartphone and PC with Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the Top Messaging application worldwide. It has over Billion Downloads Globally and it used to Communicate and share Media and Documents as well.

What if I told you that, you can Transfer Files Between your PC and Smartphone with Whatsapp. Well it’s possible and I am showing you How you can Transfer Files with Whatsapp.

Often Transfering Files from PC to Smartphone requires a Software like Airdroid which eats up your RAM and is slow process as well or you plug USB cable to the PC and transfer, It makes quite a mess and it’s old fashioned as well.  As in today’s Internet age we don’t have time we are impatient.

With Whatsapp Web you can Transfer Files between smartphone and PC Within Seconds. Just like How Apple Itunes Sync Works.

This Tutorial helps you transfer Files within your Own Smartphone and PC.

How to Transfer Files Between Smartphone and PC With Whatsapp




  • Open Whatsapp Web on your PC
  • Search on Google Whatsapp Web and you will get there.
  • Whatsapp Web helps you use Whatsapp on your Computer or PC.



  • Tap on Menu Bar and Go to Whatsapp Web as you see in the Picture above.
  • You will be required to scan the Barcode from your Smartphone to Connect.
  • Scan the Barcode and you will Enter Whatsapp Web.




  • Open your Phonebook or Contacts Section
  • Create a New Contact using your own Whatsapp Number
  • Name the Contact Differently to sort out better
  • Here’s the main point to be noted, message your own whatsapp number from your Android or IOS Device
  • Whatsapp doesn’t add your Number after you refresh the contact list.
  • For that I just messaged my own number so that it gets in recent messaging tab.


Whatsapp Web Files

  • This is How Whatsapp Looks on a PC.
  • This is the Whatsapp Web
  • Now the main Part Comes.




Blog Post Written: 21/05/2019

Last Updated: 21/05/2019


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